Thursday, 22 May 2014

Dining From the Nose

Voyage to India Part 2: The South
When: Jan/Feb 2014

Where: London, Mumbai, Ooty, Kochi, Aleppey, Mamalapuram, Madurai

Part 1: The British Airways First Class Experience

When flying first class over indulging in food and drink are a key part of the experience.  To start things off you have the British Airways Concorde Room, an exclusive lounge to wait for your flight with a private dining room, bar and relaxing terrace to enjoy a glass of champagne or three!  We had a few glasses and a delicious breakfast to get us set for a long day of travel.

 Concorde Room Menus

That first glass of champagne

 How about a second?
Full English breakfast
 Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
Fresh croissant

After that it was time to stumble over to our flight to consume more champagne, a long lunch and some afternoon tea.

 Why not start the flight with some bubbles.
 Okay, time for some water to rehydrate.
 Nuts to start proceedings.
 Lunch Items
 Bistro Selection, Dessert and Cheese
 Afternoon Tea and Refreshments
 Wine List

 Roast Quail amuse bouche
 Garlic bread
 White Burgundy
 Bordeaux with the main
 Cheese Plate

Chocolate orange dessert


After all that food it was time to take it easy for the next few hours.  We were served some light refreshments before landing which were a bit of a mixed bag.  The patisserie was fantastic.

It was sadly time to say good bye to our seat in the nose and brave the humid Mumbai air.  For tomorrow the real food adventure began and it was going to be spectacular.

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