Thursday, 23 May 2013


 Perfect Princi Pizza
When: May 2013
Where: Princi

I can't think how many times I'd walked past this place wondering what on earth it was.  With the white walls and metallic tables and bustling atmosphere it always looked a little off putting.  However, in truth I couldn't have been more mistaken.  As they don't do bookings we were a little worried that we'd not get a table but although the place was busy there was plenty of place in the pizzeria side of the restaurant where we ate.  We were quickly shown to a nice table in the corner, far away from the road works outside.  We were soon given menus by attentive serving staff who were proactive in looking to see if guests needed helped.  The menu was a simple mix of pizzas, and a couple of pasta dishes and salads.  We went for a juice and a beer to drink and a Quattro Formaggi Pizza and a Valerio (ham and  mushroom) pizza.

We did not wait long for our food and drinks to arrive and when they did we were not disappointed.  The pizza tasted like a real Italian pizza from our trip to Rome (yes, I know this place is Milanese but still...).  The base was soft and crisp and thoroughly delicious.  The cheese was tasty and each of the four cheeses was distinctive and of course there was no tomato sauce.  The ham and mushroom pizza was also good though it was a touch disappointing that canned mushrooms were used considering the time and quality of the ingredients elsewhere.  Feeling suitably filled we thought we'd put Princi to the test and order some coffee.  I have to say that the double espresso here was possibly the best I've ever had in the UK and yet again memories of Rome came flooding back.  This espresso was rich, strong and perfectly done, the coffee was hot but not burnt and I even had to add an extra spoon of sugar.

In all a fantastic lunch, great atmosphere, value for money and possibly the best espresso in London, we will be back!

Princi - 135 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0UT, 020 7478 8888

Ansel Adams

Emotional Images from a Beautiful World
What: Ansel Adams: Photography from the Mountains to the Sea
When: April 2013

Where: National Maritime Museum

What a day by the river.  What a breathtaking exhibition.  I'd been wanting to see Ansel Adams' exhibition at the National Maritime Museum for some time.  I became interested in his work after watching a documentary on his landscape photography technique.  His careful black and white manipulations of waterfalls, geysers, rivers and the oceans are a sight to behold.  What makes Adams' interesting as the candid way in which he discusses his technique of finding the right place, the right time and moment to take the shot and then using the dark room to manipulate the image for it show the emotion he felt inside when taking it.  He also talks about the advent of digital and the future of photography, it was a shame he never got to see any more than its early beginnings.

Fresh from our time with Ansel it was then time to take a scenic walk along the Thames and marvel and the river and the surrounding landscape just to contrast a little from the empty coastlines of America to the simple beauty of the London wasteland.  A great day if ever there was one.

For Details Ansel Adams: Photography from the Mountains to the Sea